“The Derwent Fells", "The Caldbeck Fells", "The Helvellyn Range", "East of Ullswater" and West of Buttermere"

Fully illustrated, A5 landscape format, 32 pages, softback, stapled with full colour laminated cover.

As of November 2010 only Book 2- Caldbeck Fells and Book 5- West of Buttermere are in still in print and Book 3-Helvellyn Range is now available on Kindle.

Book 1: The Derwent Fells

ISBN 0 9537203 2 2 (£1.99)

(out of print)

Book 2: The Caldbeck Fells re-printed January 2020

ISBN 0 9537203 4 9 (£3.00) Online order UK p&p £2.80

(in stock)

Book 3: The Helvellyn Range

ISBN 0 9537203 5 7 (£1.99) (out of print - but available on Kindle)


The following review is for Book 2: Walking the Caldbeck Fells.

David Ramshaw continues his exploration of the local hills, people and history with The English Lakes, Book 2: The Caldbeck Fells. This pocket-sized, low-priced guide combines details of eleven walks with a dip into local history. It's prime country for pedestrian exploration: Blencathra and Skiddaw, Carrock and Little Sca Fell, the rolling hills Back o' Skiddaw and hidden gems like Trusmadoor and Hay Knott's abandoned smelter chimney. The local history section answers a few questions for the curious traveller. Who laid out the white crosses on Blencathra? What was mined below Bannerdale Crags? Who was the Skiddaw Hermit? Why has Carrock summit such a profusion of rocks? Did an army march over Souther Fell? What is Robert Pool remembered for? Quotations from Mrs Radcliffe's graphic description of her ascent of Skiddaw in 1794, an account of seeing "The Giant of the Brocken" in 1817 and vintage verses on Carrock and the lifestyle of the old miners round off a practical and imaginatively conceived handbook. George Bott in the Keswick Reminder. July 2002

Book 4: East of Ullswater ISBN 0 9537203 6 5 (£1.99) (out of print)



Book 5: Walking West of Buttermere

ISBN 0 9537203 9 X (£2) (in stock)

Online order UK p&p £2.80