Arthuret - Land of Legend


Published August 2021

The Knowes of Arthuret gaze peacefully out across the Solway Moss, towards the Solway Firth beyond and further still to the picturesque hills of Scotland. Today the scene is one of perfect tranquility, but if only it was possible for these mounds of earth to reveal some of their well-guarded secrets, then much would become clearer surrounding those dark mysterious days referred to as the Dark Ages of which little documentary evidence exists.

These hills have been associated with the Battle of Solway Moss in 1542 as well as the mysterious epic of Cumbrian history, when following the departure of the Roman Legions the native British Kings fought to establish their authority over the invading Angles. ‘Rederch Hael,’ or, ‘Rederch the Liberal,’ who I believe to be the probable successor to King Arthur, emerged as the leader of the partly Romanised and Christian Britons against those that followed the old heathen traditions and beliefs; the conflict finally culminating in the great, ‘Battle of Ardderyd.

Gordon L. Routledge



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