Carlisle's First Learning Centre, by Denis Perriam and David Ramshaw

New publication 11 April 2016

In 1954 Kenneth Smith, the Administrative Officer for Tullie House, wrote of the building in which he was in charge, "beginning as something of a novelty ... it has become an integral and very necessary part of the city’s life. Carlisle without Tullie House would be as unleavened as Laurel without Hardy - and as unthinkable.” Housing as it did a number of different departments, Tullie House was recognised as important at an early date, Beaty’s Guide to Carlisle in 1905 stating, “the institution may be regarded as one of the centres of the intellectual life of Carlisle.” In the absence of a university this was Carlisle’s learning centre and when it came to setting up a university it was, at first, centred around Tullie House.

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Full colour, 144 pages and over 450 illustrations.

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