A Lancashire Fusiliers first World War

Norman Hall

Edited by his Granddaughter Patricia Rothwell
Hall cover

This book is published in memory of Norman Hall, 1892-1967, late of the Lancashire Fusiliers, (pictured above as a Captain in 1916) and of his comrades in arms in the Great War, especially those who did not survive and remembering the dedication referenced by Norman himself in Volume 2 of his diary:-

“In proud memory of long days and nights in the trenches; of patrols, wiring parties, and carrying parties; of the duty done by all ranks in many places; of days passed under shell fire, Machine Gun fire, and Gas attacks; of raids by night and attacks by night; of a stubborn defence, and a glorious advance, andthe final overthrow of the enemy.
Of days, months, and years devoted to our King’s and Empire’s service.
In proud and solemn memory of our fallen, of those who suffered wounds and mutilation in a just and righteous cause.
In sincere hope of a glorious and lasting peace; of difficulties to be met and dangers overcome by cool heads and stout hearts, and of generations to come who shall prove themselves worthy of the great deeds of their fathers.”

(Lieutenant Colonel E. G. Hoare)

Published in 2020 at 15.00

ISBN 978-0-9934889-2-4

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