Who was Ann Gregg? by David Cooper Holmes

216 pages A5 portrait -this new illustrated book details the surprising result of a search into family history by the author.

What began as a simple idea to research my family history, turned into an adventure that I could never have imagined. My 5xGreat Grandmother was not what I would have expected to find. Enigmatic from day one, trying to follow her life was almost impossible. She confused and frustrated me continually, and lived in a time and in circumstances my 21st century brain found difficult to comprehend. She used fouteen different alias’s and continually moved around the four northern counties of England. She was incarcerated in at least seven different gaols escaping four times.She was a petty but serial felon, and an ancestor I should have felt ashamed of. Yet, as I got to know and understand her circumstances, and the poverty stricken life she was born into, I began to admire her strength, tenacity and ingenuity.
She was a survivor, determined to take care of her own, no matter the risk or consequence to her own life.
She was Ann Gregg

ISBN 978-0-9931835-8-4

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