In support of the Stargazing Live project Trinity School Observatory opened on 11th 12th and 14th January 2013 from 7.00 pm.

A chance to look at the night skythrough the 16 inch telescope housed in the observatory and also through other telescopes in the car park. Local astronomers will We had a really good response this year in spite of no visibility on Friday 11 January. At least 30 people attended throughout the Friday session. They were given a Powerpoint presentation which covered our history and what we do, in the society, particularly regarding digital photography in astronomy.

Early on Friday as people were arriving

In addition the visitors were taken up into the dome where the working of the 16" Newtonian Reflector was demonstrated.

We had mentioned the possibility of a visit to Cawfields Quarry on the Saturday night but the weather was poor there, with snow forecast and so we opened up the observatory in Carlisle instead, where the sky was more or less clear.

Eight people attended this session and we used both the 16" telescope in the observatory as well as the 6" refractor set up outside. The conditions were not good but everyone was able to observe Jupiter, the Orion nebula, Betelgeuse, the Pleiades and Rigel through one or both of the instruments.

On Monday 14 January we had clear skies except for a little background mist. At least 30 people attended throughout the evening. Those that came early viewed the new moon through the 16" telescope. Later arrivals were able to view all of the objects seen on Saturday night through one of three telescopes: The 16" Observatory Reflector, Bob Millard's 8" Dobsonian or the 6" refractor, expertly handled by Stuart and Ken, I believe. I was not there on the Monday night to take pictures outside. The ones below were taken last year by the News & Star.