Watchtree - January 2023

How it went at Watchtree outdoor event on January 26 2023

We were very lucky with the weather. Cloudy, when Graham and I arrived, with just the odd break. as the evening went on it gradually got better and by 8.30 pm the sky was almost completely clear with excellent viewing of the Moon, Jupiter and the Orion nebula. So approximately half of the two and a half hours was spent outside and the rest inside.

We had three telescopes set up, my own, Graham's, and the large 6" refractor from the observatory but we only used the latter two. Three of the four Jupiter moons were easily visible. All 30 attendees, including several small children, had the chance to see all of the above through both instruments.

During the evening the audience saw short powerpoint presentations on the new green comet, an animated solar system dem. for the children, images taken by our members and a longer presentation on comets, meteroids, meteors, meteorites and asteroids. Examples of the three types of meterorites and Tektite (moon splash) were passed around for the audience to handle. Everyone said they had a great time and we were both warmly applauded.


skywatching1 skywatching2
Three telescopes pointing towards the south eastern sky.
viewing Jupiter
Viewing Jupiter through the six inch refractor