19 October visit to Eycott Hill Border Astronomical Society

Unfortunately the weather was not our friend. It rained from start to finish, so we never went upo to the nature reserve.

There was an excellent turnout at the Sportsman and we kept them entertained with a powerpoint presentation of what is up there tonight (if only we could see it) followed by a practical demonstration of his telescope by Terry, how it assembled, how it worked, and how you take photographs using it.

A break for tea, coffee and biscuits followed

David then did his powerpoint presentation on Trinity Observatory, the history of the society, our meetings, what we do etc..

This was followed by the developments in digital photography and webcams with regard to astronomy, illustrated by the work of our members.

Finally David gave a presentation on the work of early astronomers Aristarcus and Eratosphenes showing how they worked out problems such as the size of the earth and the distance to the moon with extreme accuracy using basic Pythgorean geometry.