Talkin Tarn Event

On Saturday 26 October 2019

Hi everyone. From the feedback received the event was very successful. After weeks of poor weather we got clear skies with some mist and cloud. We had four 'GOTO' telescopes set up at the Tarn for viewing and mounted binoculars.

30 visitors attended as well as 7 of our BAS members

Stuart gave a Powerpoint presentation at the beginning in the Education centre about what was up there tonight and after about 20 minutes everyone went outside to the telescopes. Many thanks are due to our eight members present who spent several hours describing and showing visitors what they could see and answering their many questions. Terry demonstrated photographing the 'Dumbell' nebula but thought it had failed as the image did not immediately appear. However it had worked. The camera just spent a lot of time 'buffering' out the high 'iso' noise as he found out when he got home later. That image and several other pictures can be seen below.

After an hour or so viewing several of the party adjourned to the education centre for hot drinks and biscuits accompanied by a presentation of what we do at Border Astronomical Society and a short illustrated talk on astrophotography.

We then returned to continue viewing the sky.


Terry's image of the Dumbell nebula taken at Talkin Tarn Stuart with his telescope The venue - waiting for it to get dark
Binoculars in use as well Terry and telescope General view of the event