Border Astronomical Society Photo Gallery

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The photographs below were taken over recent years by members of

the society using telescopes or driven cameras


Martin Cleghorn (07/06/23)

The first image is my first galaxy shoot back in April which just happened to be M101. I retook the image a couple of nights ago and captured the supernova.

Terry Haighton - 28/03/16

Circumzenithal arc, or upside down rainbow.

Relatively rare in Britain, the arc only appears when sunlight shines at a specific angle through a veil of  clouds at a height of  25 to 30, 000 feet with the sun being at an angle of between 5 and 32 degrees.

Terry Haighton - Ring nebula 14/10/15

Terry Haighton - Ring nebula enlarged view


Terry Haighton - sun with halo and sundog 01/05/15 Terry Haighton - sun dog with halo enlarged. 01/05/15
April 2015 views of the Orion Nebula and Jupiter Single SLR images with no stacking by Terry Haighton
During Winter and Spring 2019 Terry took more images. To see them on a separate page click HERE
miles sunspot

Sunspots photographed in Spain several years ago by Roger Drew.

Miles Felton - November 2023 using a 4" refractor of 600mm focal length fitted with a metallic solar filter, by an old Canon EOS 1000D at prime focus.

Webcam photographs of Jupiter by David Pettitt (Left 31 August 2010) (Right 3 December 2012)

Above: Mars from Carlisle 17/11/05 David Pettitt

Above: Saturn with the rings almost parallel to our line of sight from the earth.

Notice the satellite Titan at the bottom left.

David Pettitt (12/04/2009)

Above: 2004 Transit of Venus

Ron Kelton

Above: 2004 Transit of Venus (in cloud))

Roger Drew

Above: M42 Orion Nebula from Rosley

Roger Drew

Above: The Moon through the 16" telescope

Harry Clough

Above: Hale Bopp from Caldbeck Quarry

David Ramshaw

Above: Aurora over Carlisle

David Pettit

Above: Lunar Eclipse of 9/10 Nov. 03

Roger Drew (CCD Camera)

Unfortunately it clouded

over just before totality

Above: November 2003 Aurora from Cumbria Above: Roger Drew - SLR/CCD camera

Left: Another of Roger's Aurora pictures

taken from Rosley, near Wigton.

Above: Aurora by Tom Baxter taken from Hornsby to the east of Carlisle
Above: M31, the great Nebula in Andromeda
and M45, The Pleiades, by Roger Drew
Above: the full Moon, by Roger Drew and Copernicus crater by Terry Haighton

Deep sky object NGC1977, the running man nebula

Roger Drew

Jupiter showing two Galilean moons

and the shadow of Io

Roger Drew

M13 Great Cluster in Hercules - Terry Haighton Dumbell Nebula - Terry Haighton



..More to follow in future weeks